IBA & MGT Gathering Night

As part of the Faculty development, International Business Administration (IBA) collaborated with Management (MGT) in organizing a night of togetherness, otherwise known as MAKRAB (Malam Keakraban).

Seniors from the IBA & MGT 2015 Batch prepared the event with the purpose of welcoming juniors and deepening the bond between the batches. Although faced with difficulties due to schedule differences, a two day event was held in IULI Guest House from Friday noon on October 13th, 2017. Other than students, lecturers were also invited. The Dean of the Faculty of Business and Social Sciences, Dr. Samuel Prasetya, attended the event along with Ficky Alkarim, MSc and Dr. Satiri.

Main events included games and a talent show to mix the three batches. Team building games were also conducted to strengthen ties between pupils. What started at the greenery of the IULI Guest House ended in the pool with participants soaked in water and also with joy and laughter. The day did not stop there. Following  delicious delicacies provided to satisfy the taste buds of every participant, all students, including the committee, presented a talent show,  either role play, dance or parody in front of the others. The judges were none other than the Dean himself and Ficky Alkarim, MSc.

Following the talent show, students held a session where they were able to be frank and express opinions, concerns and ideas for improvement, regarding both faculties. This was a great moment to tighten the IBA and MGT alliance.

The majority of students felt happiness and pride in becoming part of the IBA and MGT family. One of the seniors, Agnesia Rahelita (IBA 2015), shared her thoughts: “I am beyond grateful for this event. Being able to be in charge of an event is one thing but what I am more proud of is the chance to reach out to juniors and behave how a senior should. Hopefully this event is only the beginning of a more unforgettable and thrilling university life, which will last a long time!”

The event ended on Saturday morning after breakfast, morning aerobics and of course, cleaning! It seems like IBA and MGT are entering a new chapter, now that the family has been extended to IBA and MGT. They have miles to go before they rest! (Paula Wendy (IBA 2015)Raditya Rama (MGT 2015) & MiE).


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