IULI Hotel & Tourism Management Lab Assistant Goes to China

Representing IULI, one of HTM’s lab assistants, Aditya N. Putra, SE, BA, who is also the manager of TuPan Bistro, was invited to assist and support the Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of Indonesia in the Wonderful Indonesia Promotion event in Luoyang, China from March 31 to April 5.

At this event, Aditya N Putra, SE, BA was accompanied by Ms. Sis Cartica Soewitomo and Ms. Novia Rizkihadiyanti. With the help of the Chinese kitchen personnel, the IULI delegation cooked Indonesian Chicken Soup, Chicken Satay, Mix Vegetable with Peanut Sauce, Beef Rendang & Grilled Sweet Spicy Chicken. It was an exciting, if exhausting, challenge. The many satisfied diners made all the effort and the journey worthwhile (SaP/MiE).

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