Abstract: Mobile cellular subscribers in Indonesia are easily to switch their mobile phone numbers, either from the same operator or to other carriers. Despite from the competition among telecommunication operators in Indonesia, the number of cellular subscriber turnover (churn rate) in Indonesia is estimated to reach 8.6 percent in a month. This is where the ability of each operator was tested to maintain, and attract customers as much as possible and retain theprofitable customer. The price war happened, the claims of the best quality (wide coverageand signal strength) is an offering guarantee, then the customer community is a superior strategy that can be used in this fierce competition. The offered value was through customer relationship, by seeking an approach through the prepaid card community in building sustainable relationships with customers. Using the theory on consumer behavior science, this study attempts to examine the effectiveness of the prepaid card community based on the interaction of motivation and benefit service to the usership as measured by usage and the recommendation of the community members using prepaid cards and to increase the length of stay. Questionnaires were distributed to obtain primary data from members of the prepaid card customer community. It is expected that operators understand the critical role of the customer community and the factors that influence the community succeeded into a revenue-increasing generator.

Keywords: consumer behavior, customer community, usership, value added

Authors: Widya Granita

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