Aviation Engineering Students visit Sriwijaya Air Operation Control Center

On April 5th, Aviation Engineering Students from 6th semester visited Sriwijaya Air Operation Control Center (OCC) located at Sriwijaya Air Tower, Cengkareng. The visit was conducted as a part of Airline Operations Management class, in which students learn in detail about everything related to the operations of an airline, and was lead by Mr Ananta Wijaya as the lecturer. During the visit, the students were guided by Mr Rudi Mandoya, the Director of Sriwijaya Air’s OCC. He first explained the primary considerations in managing airline operations. Later, he showed the actual room where OCC Staffs manage the operations of all Sriwijaya Air flight. In the room, he explained further how those considerations can be managed in real time, through real-time data updates from the crew on the ground and on board the aircraft. The data are displayed on screens all around the room and Mr Rudi explained to the students the function of each screen. The session was closed with a question and answer session, in which the students ask about each specific cases Sriwijaya has faced in the room and how Mr Rudi, together with his staff, cope with the problem.

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