Another Highly Successful IULI Schools English Competition

25 November 2017 – IULI student’s organization held another highly successful 2nd English Competition for senior high schools. This 2nd English Competition was held at the IULI Campus at the Breeze, BSD City. This year it was composed of five competitions:  Storytelling, News Casting, Essay Writing, Speech, and Battle of the Brains.

There were two parts to the News Casting competition: a script reading and a news video casting. Participants for Essay Writing had to be up to date with the current events happening in Indonesia, politically, economically, socially, regarding religion, and culturally. Participants for Speech had been assigned a topic regarding the political, cultural, religious and economic situations in Indonesia. Participants for Storytelling could bring props and wear costumes. There were no restrictions on the number of props or what kind of props that the students could bring. Participants were asked to do a remake of an Indonesian fairytale/folklore taking place in a modern setting. Participants for Battle of the Brains had to be up to date about general knowledge of the world and Indonesia, from pop culture, celebrities, movies, politics, economics, culture, society, and other matters.

The competitions were variously scored based on content, their grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary, style/expressiveness and timing. The winners of the English Competition were announced on the day, and here is the list of winners:


  1. Sausan Indara Mentari Rajulisman – SMA Dwiwarna
  2. Vanessa Eustacia Jackson- Sekolah Bogor Raya
  3. Naura Anya Murniadi – SMA Madania

News Casting

  1. Donnatella Valentina – Sekolah Bogor Raya
  2. Cintya Wardani Djayaputra – Sekolah Bogor Raya
  3. Marhas Marharani Djannati – Sekolah Bogor Raya


  1. Shofiyyah Aqiilah Siregar- SMAN 3 Jakarta
  2. Al Hakim Khalil – SMA Dwiwarna
  3. Adam Muhammad Klesc – SMA Madania

Battle of the Brains

  1. Eusebio Geordie H., Vanessa Maura F., Bunga Latifa B – SMAN 7 Tangsel
  2. I Putu Raka Natha Nugraha, Olivia Cornelia, Asha Aulia – Sekolah Bogor Raya
  3. Putra Mahendra Kusuma Aji, Ravino Fadhila Juwono, Clara Floriana Sutanto – Sekolah Bogor Raya

Essay Writing

  1. Muhammad Arqam Athallah – SMA Madania
  2. Shofie Salsabilla – SMA Darul Hikam
  3. Timotius P. A. Hutabarat – SMAN 7 Tangsel
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