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Putih Hitam LASEM


“Putih Hitam LASEM” was the musical theater performance held on March 14th, 2015 in Ciputra Artpreneur Theatre. This drama tells the story of the assimilation between the Javanese and Chinese in ancient times in the settings of ‘Kota Lasem’ in central Java, with beautiful costumes and choreography.

It was also the birthday celebration for Mr. Harry Darsono, who serves as a costume designer for the artists. IULI participated in this event as guests of Mr. Harry Darsono. IULI and Dr. Harry Darsono, Ph.D, have initiated a cooperation in the Textile Arts and Design study program offering a bachelor’s degree at IULI. The potential for the Textile Arts and Design was reflected by visitors going to the booth of IULI during the event to get more information.


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