The Flying Faculty from TU Ilmenau Has Arrived at IULI

Dr.rer.nat. habil. Nikos Tsierkezos from the Institute for Chemistry and Biotechnology, TU Ilmenau, Germany, is currently in Indonesia to give Flying Faculty lectures to Life Sciences students at IULI Campus, in BSD City.  The lecture is given to students that study Chemical Engineering, Food Technology and Biomedical Engineering, between September 3rd until September 15th 2018. The topics of his lecture focus on the Chemistry of Complex Compounds.

The lectures are a part of the cooperation between IULI and TU Ilmenau, and are an integral part of the curriculum particularly for students who wish to join the double degree program.

On another occasion, Dr. Tsierkezos also had the opportunity to meet some senior researchers at the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI), at PUSPIPTEK Serpong, Banten, where he had some ideas being exchanged based on the experience of the researchers.


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