Signed, Sealed and Delivered – ProjectMGT x FIFA Closing

What has a beginning must have an end. Last week the class of Project Management 2015 successfully completed their whole semester project of FIFA Cup at Board’s N Bite’s. But that does not mean it ends there; just like any real project, post work evaluation must be conducted.

On Wednesday, 9th of May, 2018, the whole team made an official evaluation during lunchtime in the venue where the event took place. How important is an evaluation? Raditya Rama the Stage Director of the event explained, “Project evaluation is crucial. This is part of project closing, where the team officially concludes our work the whole time. In this session, each and every one of us reveals honest thoughts and impressions to justify our work once and for all. Only with this session can members be laidback enough to give objective judgments eventually for the better of ourselves later in the future. Some things are left unspoken during the project execution and this is where some members can bury the hatchet, if there are any to bury.”

Two lecturers also attended the session: Dr. Satiri, the head of the Management Department, and Ir. Invanos, the lecturer for Project Management. The two lecturers shared their experience in handling projects throughout their lives with the students, particularly about the days when they were oil-field engineers.

Project closing is important as it seals every single thing and ensures students are on the right path to improvement. Just like cooking, the last bit of seasoning completes the dish! As for a project, the right evaluation adds value to the blood, sweat and tears that the students have shed!

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