The English department at IULI has inaugurated a new program for the top student of English in each batch in semester 3-4 and 5-6.

If the adjudged top English student reaches the highest standard, he or she is exempted from the normal English program. However, the expectation from them is very high. Over the two semesters (3-4 or 5-6) they are expected to produce a book related to English in English which is of publishable standard.

This is not easy!! A committee made up of the English lecturer and the dean of Business and Social Sciences will monitor and evaluate the book as it progresses. Only if it is of the required standard will the student be rewarded with a certificate of excellence.

We are pleased to announce that the first awardee for this special program is Maganitri Kundala Putri of IBA 4 as a recognition of her continued excellence in written work and presentations.

Please wish her success in her efforts. Even though she is an internationally educated student, the task will not be easy!!

(By Michael Earley)


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