Project Briefing & Team Building Exercises for IBA & MGT Students

Under the close supervision of Ir. Invanos Tertiana, MBA, Timotius A. Rachmat, MM (Hos), Ms. Wulan, MBA and Dr. Samuel Prasetya, students of IBA & MGT batch 2015 in “Capita Selecta in Business & Management” had an intensive briefing before starting the class project on the OMG – Out of the Maze Game. This class project was agreed upon by all participants to be used for the upcoming events on campus, including the high school student visits, the open house, and other marketing events. The purpose is to integrate games into IBA, MGT & HTM study programs. This not only introduces fun and stimulation into the curricula but also mirrors the real world of work.

In one of the briefing sessions, students of IBA & MGT batch 2015 welcomed student ambassadors from Universitas Pembangunan Jaya. This sharing session was aimed at picking up tips and tricks and learning from the personal experience of student ambassadors from a nearby university. This is relevant to students of IBA & MGT 2015 as they are striving to learn more about  the management of projects/events,  marketing concepts and selling strategies. Future sharing sessions across universities and fields of studies are in the pipeline. IULI is committed to learning from outside experts and students from other universities rather than just dry, theoretical study. They also had team-building exercises, supervised by Ms. Wulan, MBA. The purpose was to build solidarity among students in carrying out the class project together (SaP/MiE).

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