Life Science Fair 2018

The student associations of the study programs within the Faculty of Life Sciences held their annual event, “IULI – Life Sciences Fair 2018”, with the theme Nature and Tradition for Beauty and Health” on Saturday, April 28, 2018 at our IULI Campus.


The event features talk shows and workshops on the use of naturally based cosmetics and health products, as well as the making and use of Jamu to improve health and beauty.   The discussion and workshops were focused on the benefit of Indonesian natural biodiversity, particularly the flora, in combination with the application of science, as well as the use of the Indonesian cultural heritage and ancient-wisdom in Indonesian herbal medicine, known as Jamu.


The fair was open to students and also to the public and they had the opportunity to witness a talk show with the master herbalist Ir. Lukas Tersono Adi, who talked about the advantages of consuming herbal products and also a talk show with Lianti Raharjo and Febianta Octora Bangun, founder and co-founder of Kohvee Story. Together they presented the benefits of coffee for your skin.


Other than that, there was an aromatherapy workshop featuring the “Kutus Kutus” products with Dr. Ir. Bambang Pranoto, MBA .


The event also included a digital poster competition and a competition called Battle of the Brains. The competitions served to broaden the participants’ perspective of the Life Science Fields.

In addition to that, the event also served as a commemoration and farewell to the first batch of students in the Faculty of Life Sciences who are joining the double degree program. These students will soon depart for Germany to carry out their research and internship work in the 7th and 8th semesters before returning to Indonesia for graduation.





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