Lecture on National Security by Chair of State Intelligence School

Fitirani Putri Hapsari ©2018
Fitirani Putri Hapsari ©2018

22 Feb 218 – On Thursday 22 February 2018 the International Relations (INR) students enrolled in the class Security Studies had the privilege of listening to a lecture delivered by leader of Sekolah Tinggi Intelejen Negara, BG Dr.rer.pol. Rodon Pedrason. STIN is one of Indonesia’s state-operated institutions whose role is a center of academic excellence in the field of intelligence studies.

Dr. Pedrason explained to attending students the aspects of intelligence that relate to the concept “national security.” The lecture intrigued the students in such a way that no longer they understand intelligence agencies solely as elusive and covert, but also as the unsung heroes behind prevention and elimination of domestic threats. Among the myriad of topics that international studies deals with, intelligence is one of the less frequently touched upon. IULI INR was therefore fortune to have the opportunity learning about the subject from one who is very closely associated with the field.

The lecture was made possible because of the network established by INR lecturer Ms. Fitriana Hapsari. Put in a broader context, the practice of exposing students to the insights of those with significantly deep knowledge in a certain field is consistent with the philosophy adopted by IULI INR: “aim highest, deliver best.” Here in INR it has become a norm to provide students with the best learning experience possible. Previous INR events were also organized consonant with the said philosophy.

IULI International Relations thanks Gen. Pedrason for his interest in IULI and the time he had allocated to enrich its students. (SaK/HIMAHI/MiE)

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