IULI to Hold a Schools’ English Competition in November 2016

Tuesday, November 1st, 2016 – IULI plans to hold its first English competition for schools In November, 2016. This event is a competition for senior high school students and is divided into several competitions, all using English. The first competition is creative writing where, on the day of the competition, students have to produce an imaginative essay on a theme. The second competition is an ever popular individual spelling bee competition where students compete with each other to get the most words spelled correctly. The third competition is an individual speech competition where students deliver a speech on a topic they will be given in advance.  The fourth competition is an individual story telling competition  on a theme given in advance. The fifth competition is a battle of the brains competition where teams of three answer questions on general knowledge. In the last competition, short films, students in teams produce a short  film on a topic given in advance.  The venue for the competition is the Breeze and the judges will come from the English department. Winners will get a prize of 1, 000,000.

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