Head of National Committee for Transportation Safety gives a Guest Lecture for IULI Students

26 September 2017 – Dr. Soerjanto, Head of the National Committee for Transportation Safety, visited IULI to explain the vision and mission of KNKT (Komisi Nasional Keselamatan Transportasi – National Committee for Transportation Safety), which conforms with international regulations and is directly responsible to the President of Indonesia.

He explained that the idea of safety needs to be introduced and developed from kindergarten to university. Transport safety covers land, sea and air transportation.

In general, Indonesian people are not very concerned about safety matters, but, when an accident occurs, people protest strongly. Transportation rules, most notably road transport laws, are often not followed consistently. KNKT programs carry out technical investigation, finding the root cause of accidents in order to avoid future accidents and to protect Indonesians citizens.

At the end of his presentation, Dr.Soejanto invited students to give their thoughts and suggestions on the issue of transport safety. Building Indonesian citizens who are aware of the importance of transportation safety from an early age is important as is developing technology to minimize accidents.

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