Guest Lecture: Mr. Haritsah Tutuko, MBA Lectures about Service Marketing and Environmental Changes in Organizational Behavior & Development

Guest lectures facilitate students in enriching the latest updates regarding opportunities for higher studies and jobs as well as the needs of the industry. To extend learning beyond the classroom teaching, IULI invites experts from industry to conduct guest lectures, seminars, and workshops.

IULI students had the pleasure of welcoming Mr. M. Haritsah Tutuko, MBA as a guest lecturer at our Campus to give lectures on Service Marketing and Change in Organizational Behavior.

Mr. Haritsah Tutuko, MBA graduated from Swiss German University in 2011 and continued his studies at Hochschule Anhalt, Germany to complete his MBA.

He enlightened the students through his knowledge and experience in the work field. The students of Business and Social Sciences attended both sessions and it was a good exposure for them, as they could understand that the concepts, which are covered in their university’s courses, are very relevant for the business world.

Currently, Mr. Haritsah Tutuko is working as the country manager of Homify GmbH Berlin. “I love the ambiance of IULI both with its at the Breeze BSD that gives the supporting vibe for the student, and the high quality education  that can help the students achieve their goal for their personal and their professional future,” he commented about his experience lecturing in IULI.


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