Go Ahead Maybank Challange 2016

Expect the unexpected! This was the tag line each contestant had been accustomed to since the beginning of the competition. With so great an adrenaline rush, the MGAC is like no other competition for students. It is believed to be a combination of The Apprentice and The Amazing Race and contestants enrolled in this competition are judged more on their reactions and attitude, regardless of how smart they are. High GPAs from competing higher year students did not hinder me from excelling and playing hard in this competition. Eventually a competition is useless without some fun!

After success at the regional levels held in Prasetiya Mulya BSD, the next stage was conducted in Maybank’s Headquarter in Sentral Senayan, Jakarta. While all the rules remained, stakes were much higher and contestants were much fiercer. Acknowledging the fact each one of us had survived the 1st around made things even more intense. All the positivity was just rushing in and everyone quickly blended in, because throughout the whole game we had to work in groups.

The first task was already decided. All contestants were divided into teams, I eventually got team No. 2. That particular day my excitement was intense. Getting the same contestant number as at regional level made me believe luck was with me during that day. After more than half the day I got simulation cases where I had to not just defend myself but also bring the whole team to the rapt attention of the assessors. The last thing you want to happen in a competition is to not get noticed. Activity is the key; right or wrong is relative.

Playing a role as a consultant was also one of the tasks where I had to offer a bid. This gave me the chance to compete as an individual not just as a team member. Frankly speaking, I was confident enough during this stage and eventually I reached the next round. So, the final round it was; everyone was exhausted and starved. Half of the contestants were sent home but I was not one of them! In the next round, the judges added numbers to the topic. Easy? No. Fun? Definitely. Being asked to calculate the price of a unit of energy, not only twists the mind but also weakens your fingers from all the calculating.

In the end, I was not only satisfied but I made new friends. Even though I was not fortunate enough to be chosen to go to the Globals, I enjoyed the whole day and survived until the very last round.

Go Ahead Maybank Challange 2016

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