Food Technology Lecturers Presented at the 1st SEAFAST International Seminar 2017 in Bogor

21 November 2017 – Mrs. Mirza Zulkarnain and Mr. Hendry Noer Fadlillah from the Food Technoogy Department, IULI, presented their papers in the 1st SEAFAST International Seminar. This seminar was held by the Bogor Agricultural Institute (IPB) from 20–21 November 2017 at the IPB International Convention Center, in the City of Bogor, West Java.

In this seminar, Mrs. Mirza Zulkarnain presented a paper entitled “Exclusion of Dietary Cholesterol from The Specific Food Restriction: A Review” which talked about the new recommendation from the Dietary Guidelines for Americans that no longer included dietary cholesterol in the list of specific foods that should be limited. In this review, some of clinical studies related to the association between dietary cholesterol and blood cholesterol level are summarized to consider whether the same recommendation should be implemented in other countries including Indonesia.

Furthermore, Mr. Hendry Noer Fadlillah presented his paper entitled “The Study of Sweetener Selection in RTD (Ready to Drink) Tea” which talked about the current sweeteners content of RTD tea beverages, which tend to use sucralose, steviol glycoside, and fructose. The recommendation is to reduce calories and sugar in their products by totally removing the sugar content, reducing the sweetness level, or combining sucrose with a higher intensity sweetener. This is deemed important for the safety of the society who consume these RTD beverages regularly, and  that these must be well regulated, monitored.

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