Debate of Candidates for President and Vice President of Student Executive Board (BEM) 2018/2019

15 October 2018- Tension filled the air as two pairs of candidates stepped on the stage and took their seats at their respective tables. It was the day of the debate for the position of president and vice president of the student executive board 2018/2019. Not just the candidates were nervous to present their vision and mission statement along with their programs, but so was the audience as they felt the competitive vibe surrounding them.  It was a very tense debate as there were only to pairs facing each other. Last year there were three pairs, which made the debate less suspenseful, yet it was still entertaining and educative.

This year all eyes were on Muhammad Fadel Ramadhan (IBA 2017) and Raihan Syauqi (AVE 2017) and also Dearetta Ramadhani (CS 2017) and Rosa Islamey (BME 2017). Their exellent programs and ambitions will make it a challenging the students to vote as both represent great opportunities for the future of IULI’s BEM.

After their debate, both candidates will enter a silent week where they are not allowed to campaign at all. After this week, the students will be able to vote for their future leaders through an online voting system that will take place on 22 October 2018. It has been decided to do it online, so that the students, who are currently doing their research semester in Germany, can also place their votes.

Everyone is excited and cannot wait to find out who the next president and vice president of their student executive board will be.




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