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IULI cooperation with the Harry Darsono Foundation


BSD City – March 24th, 2015. Dr. Harry Darsono, Ph.D visited the IULI ec-campus at The Breeze, BSD City. He was accompanied by his Korean associate, Ms. Lim Kyung Ae and received by Dr. Ir. Tutuko Prajogo, MSMfgE, IULI Rector, and Prof. Dr. Peter Pscheid, Co-Chairman of IULI Board of Trustees.

As Chairman of National for Vocational Education in the fields of Art and Design, Mr. Harry Darsono shared his mission of mentoring youth all over Indonesia in line with his duties to form consortia in Link and Match Programs for Learning by Doing.

In relation to the Textile Arts and Design study program offered by IULI, Mr. Harry Darsono will give his support in developing this study program in his capacity as patron and chairman of the scientific advisory council.

Dr. Harry Darsono, Ph.D has been a prominent Haute Couture Designer and Textile Artist since 1974 and has designed many dresses for the royal families and celebrities in Europe, Middle East and Asia in addition to costumes for operas, theatres and dances. He has been designing textiles since 1976 in China, South Korea, Taiwan and Germany. He has a doctoral degree in Arts and Designs from Ecole Superieur Des Beaux Arts Paris and a Ph.D in Humanistic Philosophy from Oxford University, England. His private museums in Jakarta, Bali and near Oxford received the “Museum Award” as the best museum with unique and most distinctive setting and also the Upakarti Award.

IULI is proud and honored to have the advice and support of such a distinguished creative artist as Dr. Darsono.


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