International Office

The International Office supports incoming students and researchers. At the same time, it offers advice and assistance for researchers and students planning to study abroad.

International University Liaison Indonesia – IULI is an internationally recognised university that cultivates global culture. This includes giving its students the opportunity to continue their education at partner universities in other countries.

It supports its researchers in global research teamwork with scientists in all disciplines. At the same time, it supports talented individuals from abroad who want to study at the IULI or pursue their research here.

For IULI Students

Study Abroad

A study stay abroad does not only produce benefits that last a lifetime. Since it shows a willingness to get out of a personal comfort zone, studying abroad can also boost career chances while also conferring many new experiences, realizations, and discoveries. These include:

  • New or advanced language proficiencies
  • Insights into other ways of life and cultures
  • Questioning own life circumstances and habits
  • International networking opportunities
  • Expanding perspectives on subject knowledge and methods

IULI is deeply interested in an optimal study experience for its students. That also means expanding our vision beyond our own borders. The University maintains numerous relationships with foreign university on six continents for research and teaching exchanges.

Partner Universities

IULI maintains partnerships with universities and colleges all around the world. Therefore, it offers a wide range of exchange programs and international cooperation.


Students looking for help in planning a stay abroad are invited to contact the International Office.

For International Students and Applicants

For international students and applicants please follow this Guidelines & Regulations.

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