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IULI Holds Online Preparation Courses for New Student Intake 2020


Since July 2020, IULI Has been offering preparation courses for new students of academic year 2020, that will commence on 7 September 2020. Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic situation, all activities have been done online.
A series of activities started with an introduction to German language and culture, math for business and science and also an intensive English language course.
Even though the preparation classes were done virtually or online, both new students and invited students were very enthusiastic as it was seen from the number of participants that joined the activities.
The purpose of these preparation courses is to not only give an idea and motivation about studying at IULI, but also as a form of service from our university, to ensure the students have a good start into their studies.
The online preparation courses were creatively designed so that the students kept their interest as the class was presented attractively and interactively.

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