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IULI Virtual New Student Orientation 2020

Monday, 24 August 2020, marks the first day of IULI’s Virtual Orientation Days. IULI has announced a number of measures to protect the health and safety of our community from the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19), including suspending all University-sponsored on-campus events and gatherings until further notice.

Therefore, the Orientation Days this year has to be done online. IULI’s Virtual New Student Orientation is a three-day experience required for all new students.

This event serves as an opportunity to connect with future classmates, to prepare for academic and non-academic life, and to learn to navigate campus prior to arriving for classes. These virtual sessions serve as an introduction to the University and can help new students to get to know IULI better.

We highly value our IULI Family and hope to build virtual orientation sessions that provide an opportunity for students to build a connection to faculty/staff and their peers.

The first day was very successful. The event started with an Opening Speech by our rector Dr. Ir. Tutuko Prajogo M.S.Mfg.E. “We are very happy to welcome all new students to IULI, their so-called second home. Studying at IULI will provide you with skills, knowledge, experience, professionalism and competence for the future. And equipped with these qualities you will go out to society and the world.”

Our founder and chairman of board of trustees also welcomed the new students with a special message: “As we know, you will all start your study at IULI online. Online classes have always been offered before, however now it has become dominant. This will be the way of learning and teaching at IULI for now. So, well all have to be engaged in innovation together to find a common ground on how to execute a successful two-way learning process. It is no longer merely education, but a new way of learning where both teacher and student learn together. And learning does not just stop in the class room. We all have to be open for opportunity, and here at IULI we will shape you to become the best learners. Because, it is not only a “new normal” but rather a “new way of learning”.

The students were also officially welcomed by the Head of Senate Dr. Tutun Nugraha, Phd who also explained the Covid-19 Protocol at IULI.

The students were inspired through a motivational presentation by Ms. Nila Lestari Tanzil, founder of Taman Bacaan Pelangi. The students were encouraged to build their future careers by focusing on their dreams and creativity.

Furthermore, the students got a good idea and impression about IULI as they were introduced to everything from academic regulations, IT systems, other administrative information and most importantly the way of learning and interacting in IULI by embracing it as their second home and family.

The second day was even more fun for the students. It started off with a virtual word guessing game, which brought everyone closer together as they laughed and solved problems together. The students also prepared cheers (Yell-Yell) in each group they were divided into, to lighten up the spirit.

Afterwards, the students were fully energized to join the workshop by Ms. Yova Shera Sianturi, an expert in human resources. The workshop was titled “ How to pursue a career after graduation” and Miss Yova gave the students excellent tips and knowledge that they can apply for themselves.

On this day the students also got an Introduction to their faculty through a sharing session done by the student organizations of each study program.

Following this activity, was a special presentation on Drugs and HIV/AIDS by Mr. Haniz Hidayat, who has been advising our students every year to stay healthy and keeping a bright future by staying away from drugs.

Last but not least was an alumni and student sharing session. Our alumni Rafi from International Business Administration batch 2015 shared his journey from enrolling to and graduating from IULI and also about his experience in landing his first job. Saraswati from Hotel and Tourism Management batch 2016 also shared her journey in IULI and mostly about her Internship experience at the Shangri-La in Oman.

On the last day the students were introduced to student life through a presentation by the Student Executive Board. They explained about student organizations and also about extracurricular activities that the new students can join. The new students also got the chance to watch a virtual campus tour to get familiar with all facilities and classrooms at IULI.

The event continued with another fun game and was followed by another academic information session to ensure all new students are well equipped to start their studies. Afterwards, the students got to learn about “Time-Management” through a workshop given by our Business and Social Sciences Lecturer Mr. Norman Yahya, ST.,MM.

The highlights of the last day however, were the official acceptance of the new students by the head of Senate Dr. Tutun Nugraha, Ph. D and also a talent show where the students in each group could show off their talents and creativity. They prepared their performances since the first day and the result was presented through a video.

IULI is proud and happy to welcome our new students to the new IULI family which will be their second home for the next four years.

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