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Study Program: Aviation Engineering Description: Aviation is the bridge of our country. It connects our archipelago and people by carrying passengers and goods. With the introduction of low-cost carrier airlines, the aviation industry is growing at a faster rate. Large numbers of aircraft operated by airlines requires more pilots, maintenance personnel, airport staffs, air traffic controllers and other indirect job positions. The quality of aviation personnel is an important aspect in managing and operating the aviation industry. The International Joint Seminar IULI-EASA on Higher Education for Aviation Profession (Jakarta, 2019) recommended involving higher education (university) to improve the profession standard of aviation. The future requirements for aviation professionals do not only focus on licensing, but also on analytical thinking to face the future challenges. In the near future, a novel development in Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) or drones will become part of our daily life. Parcel delivery, aerial photography, wildlife monitoring, search/rescue and agriculture are several applications of UAS. This technology will require new set of manpower specifications including designing, developing, testing, and operation. We involved our international partner universities in improving the knowledge and experience of our students to be prepared for the future challenges in aviation with several program such as double degree and exchange students. Aviation Engineering at IULI will empower its graduates with an industrial based curriculum, experienced faculty members, and the opportunity to build a professional career in an international environment. Field of Studies: Aerodynamics • Propulsions • Flight Dynamics • Flight Control • Flight Operation • Unmanned Aerial Systems • Air Traffic Management • Aircraft Maintenance • Flight Testing General Information: Legal Base / Accreditation: SK DIKTI No. 425/E/O/2014 Duration of Study: 4 years (8 semester) Academic Year: 2 semesters (even + odd) Even Semester: February – July Odd Semester: August – January Academic weeks/semester: 16 (14 academics + 2 exams) SKS per semester: Max. 24 SKS per study: 144-160 Duration of a lecture: 50 minutes Number of students per subject: 16-32 Language of Instruction: English Academic Degree: Indonesia: Sarjana Teknik – S.T. (S1) International: Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) Tuition Fee/semester: Rp. 30.000.000 Development fee: Rp. 15.000.000 (single time payment) Online Application: https://pmb.iuli.ac.id   Structure of a study: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Semester 1-6: Academic Education (see curriculum), OFSE (Oral Final Study Examination) Semester 7: Research Semester (abroad for Double Degree) Semester 8: Thesis Defense, Graduation Score System: Grade Letter Grade Wording IULI Indonesian Grade Germany Grade Grade Descriptions Student Representation A Excellent 86-100 4 1 Outstanding Performance 10% B Good 71-85 3.0-3.9 2 Performance is considerably higher than the average requirements 25% C Satisfactory 56-70 2.0-2.9 3 Performance meets the average requirements 30% D Poor 46-55 1.0-1.9 4 Performance is poor and likely to lead to failure 25% F Fail <45 0 5 performance does not meet the minimum criteria. considerable further work is required 10% contacts: neno ruseno, s.t., m.sc. head of aviation engineering neno.ruseno@iuli.ac.id +62-82117822097   curriculum: in sks no subject semester total 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 university subjects 1 english 2 2 2 2 1 1 10 2 computer network & it security 2 2 3 applied statistics 2 2 4 research methodology 2 5 environment sciences 2 6 civics 2 7 ethics and religious philosophy 2 8 innovation product development 2 9 e-commerce 2 10 indonesian language culture 2 11 pancasila 2 12 oral final study examination (ofse) 0 0 13 research semester 6 6 14 internship >