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Cooperation with IABIE


Jakarta – March 23rd, 2015. Dr. Ir. Tutuko Prajogo, MSMfgE, IULI Rector, and Prof. Dr. Peter Pscheid, Co-Chairman of IULI Board of Trustees, had a formal discussion with the officials of the Ikatan Alumni Program Habibie – IABIE, led by Mr. Oni Bibin Bintaro, the Chairman of the Supervisory Board, in the office of Dr. Ilham Habibie in Kuningan, Jakarta.

IABIE is a continuation of the policy of the Indonesian government from 1982, under the leadership of Prof. Dr B.J Habibie, later the third president of the Republic of Indonesia, to sent top Indonesian students to do bachelor’s degrees in the field of Science and Technology in developed countries, including Germany, USA, France, the Netherlands, England, Australia, Canada, Austria, and Japan.

Dr. Prajogo and Dr. Pscheid told the officials about IULI’s mission, the institution’s development so far, and the future challenges.

At the end of the meeting, both parties confirmed the start-up cooperation between IABIE and IULI in several areas: scholarship programs, research activities and lecturer exchanges. During the meeting, Mr. Bintaro, representing IABIE, conferred an award on Dr.-Ing. Ilham Habibie, MBA, as the Chairman of IULI Board of Trustees, for his continuing support for IABIE.


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